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So you want to learn VB. . .

Note:  This article hasn't been updated in a very long time.  I have no experience and do not plan on gaining any.  Although I still program now and then, I'm probably not the best person to direct your programming questions to.  The people at should be able to help you.       -Brad  7-20-2002


Many people ask me how I learned VB.  Well, the best way, is to learn by doing, and experimenting.  However, to get started, you're going to need some guidance.  First, you need something to program in.  If you want to try visual basic before you buy it, download the VB 5 CCE version.  It's a free version of visual basic, which is fully functional, except it won't let you compile your programs.  You can download this at,  it's about 8 megs.

If you'd like to jump right in and buy a copy of visual basic, beware, it's expensive.  Just whatever you do, NEVER buy direct from microsoft, as you will end up paying a fortune.  Go to your local college's bookstore and buy it there, so you can get an educational discount (and a free copy of win nt 4 in the box too)  It's much cheaper.  My copy of vb was around $100 at a college, but I've seen the whole visual studio for $30 before.  If you buy direct from ms, expect to pay about $300 or so, just for VB, about about $800-$1000 for the whole visual studio.

Ok, now that you've got a copy of VB, jump right in and get started!  I HIGHLY recommend VB Beginners as a programming group to join.  Membership is free, and you will get more help than you can ever imagine.  You can join at  

Contact me if you need help.

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