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Free Internet Through a Cell Phone

One of the neat things about cell phones these days is that most accept AT commands, and act just like any external modems.  Sounds neat, eh?

Step 1:  Get a cable

Ok, you can't just point your phone at your computer and say "I command thee to connect!"  Search Google, for something like "<your phone type> computer cable".  You'll likely find 2 types of cables.  Ones that plug into your serial port, and ones that plug into your USB port.  Grab the serial cable if you have a serial port to hook it up to.  It will save you the hassle of having to have drivers, and will be much cheaper.  Price ranges vary greatly.  Expect to pay anywhere from $15-50.  If you buy one in your local cell shop,  prepare to pay as much as $150. 

Step 2:  Plug in the cable

Plug in the cable.  Don't break anything.

Step 3:  Install Drivers

If your cable is USB, it should have came with drivers.  Install them.

Installing your modem drivers is more fun.  Sometimes, cell phones will have an inf file for them.  Use that.  Otherwise, install it as a generic 14.4 modem.

Step 4:  Get an ISP

This is not something you should have to pay for.  There are many free dial up ISP's out there.  And since you're on your cell phone, you've probably have free or cheap long distance, meaning you can get on many of the regional free dial up ISP's.  I strongly recommend  Free dial up with no ads and stuff.  No dialer needed.  Straight regular dial up connection. 

Step 5:  Get Online

Fire up that connection, and use your internet anywhere.  It's slow, but it works.  Great for getting a map when you get stuck.  Just use common sense, and don't use it while driving. 

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