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HOWTO:  Print to PDF from Windows

Note:  Doc, this one's for you.

Alright, so it seems there is some confusion out there that you need a Mac to be able to save your documents in PDF.  Not true!  For years it's been entirely possible to print to a post-script file, and then using some free software, convert that to PDF.  However, this has proven a bit technical for some users.  To remedy the problem (and fulfill my end of a bet), I've been Googling, and came across some nice free no-catch software that takes out most of the frustration.  This is my review of "CutePDF Writer".

Step Uno:  Download and Install CutePDF Writer

Go here:

Click on 'Open' or 'Run'.  Windows may yell at you, just click open or run or whatever it says these days.  Follow the really simple steps to install it that it gives you.

Step Dos:  Download and Install GhostScript

Go here:

Do the same as you did in step #1.

Step 3 (I don't know how to spell 3 in Spanish):  Print Something!

After you've installed both of those and rebooted your computer of necessary, then you are done.  To use the program, simply click file, print, in whatever program you want to save as a PDF file.  Make sure to choose the printer titled 'CutePDF Writer'.  You may be wondering where this printer is... well it isn't really a printer.  It takes the output that would normally be sent to your printer, and then converts that to PDF.  With this method, you now have PDF functionality available with in every program that you can print in.  Everything from Finale to Word, and Internet Explorer to that stupid wothrless e-mail program your IT department tries to force upon you.  Enjoy.

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