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The History of Hacking

And other notable information from the early days of modern communications technology


In the early 70's and 80's, there's a lot of important history that has shaped society, that you won't find in your high school text books.  All this information is important to understanding why hackers and phreakers exist today, how the U.S. Government put people in jail for knowledge [when many didn't even commit crimes], and how the technology we know today has grown from that.

There are many pages of literature here, and for a full understanding, I recommend that you read them all, without skipping over sections, as they are all very important.

More will be added as I find them.  Please suggest articles if you have them!


bulletA Brief Timeline by CNN
bulletFull History of Capt. Crunch, the Blue Box, and Phone Hacking [phreaking]
bulletThe White House Toliet Paper Crisis
bulletSanta Barbara Nuclear Hoax
bulletLinus Torvalds and Linux
bulletA Short History of Phreaking, by Exodus
bulletSecrets of the Little Blue Box, by Ron Rosenbaum



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