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My World View

The world is full of problems.  That part is obvious.  How do we solve them?  Nobody knows.  Although I do have a guess.  First we have to come up with what the problem is.  While most politicians would like to tackle each issue one by one, I think I'll try a lazier and probably more effective approach.  I think most of the problems troubling the global society today come from the lack of understanding others.  I think in general, people put people that they don't know, on the same level as people they don't like.  Therefore, there is an instant dislike, and distrust of others.  Assumptions are made about entire populations based on the characteristics of often a single individual...  or worse, a non-primary source of information about a single individual.  These assumptions form into collections of stereotypes that then become attached to a group, and are hard to remove.

What if we aren't so distrusting of others right from the start.  I'm not saying trust anybody and everybody with anything and everything, but I do feel that a certain neutrality should exist, at the very least.  Also, people shouldn't generalize groups, based on individuals.  If these 2 ideas are accomplished, then the ancient paranoia, fear, doubt, lack of trust/understanding, and ignorance will begin to unravel.  It won't happen overnight, but over time, just as any long lasting revolution.

Countries are nothing but lines upon a map with which to name places, and define governments applicable to the population in a given area.  That's it.  We as human beings all belong to one society...  a global society.  It's time we start thinking that way.

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