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My Car - The Ultimate NerdMobile™

NOTE:  I've since bought a new car, as this old Grand Prix bit the dust.  I'll post updated pics and stuff when I get around to it.


That's a view of the back of my car.  Obviously.  The antenna on the back is for CB.  The dish is 2.4GHz.  I use it for wardriving purposes.  Also works great for doing wireless site surveys.  You can kinda see the Christmas lights back there by the dish also.

This here is my nav system.  I got the laptop for free, as the screen had been ran over by a truck, so I just ripped the lcd panel off, and hooked it up to that monitor in the back.  Note:  It doesn't use that laptop anymore.  I'm now using an old hp 166 mmx.  Anyway, that's all hooked up to the GPS.

GPS is a Garmin eTrex.  Got a real deal at it from Best Buy.  About $20.  See, it was supposed to be $120, but the one was scraped off the price tag.  So when I went to check out, I mentioned that the price was incorrect, according to what the label on the shelf said.  They sent me over to the customer service desk, and 5 mins later, they gave it to me for $20.

The thing with outlets on it is my 400 watt (800watt peak) inverter.  Above that is an Aiwa CD/MP3 player.  Notice the 12v jack to the right of it... that's super glued in.  Works great.

Another view of the inverter under the dash.  I bolted it up there using a plate I made out of an old 386 computer case.  It's bolted onto where the ash tray used to be.  I have no use for the ash tray.  The wiring that originally went to this was about 16 gauge.  Quite small, and had partially melted.  I've since upgraded to the 8 gauge that you see in the pic.

To run everything, I've got 4 gauge wire running from the battery, in by the driver side door.  Works great, and saved me some drilling.

Here's a neat view from the webcam in the front window.  It was uploaded live via a cell phone.  The rubber bands holding it in my car melted, and I haven't had time to come up with a new mounting mechanism yet.



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