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The Archive

This site has evolved over time, paralleling my life's activities and interests.  Looking for something that hasn't been around in awhile?  You'll find it here.  Coming soon... the original web page from 1997.

The Stuff

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Other Randomness

I removed the anti-Mac stuff.  Not because I suddenly enjoyed using worthless pieces of garbage.  Just that I've realized that there are some people who seem to have a justified reason for using overpriced proprietary garbage.  Most of those reasons contain the word 'ignorance'.  Others contain 'shareware screensaver'.  Ok fine, if you're quite passionate about your screen saver that isn't compiled for a real machine, then whatever, keep your Mac.

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Ah,  Those were the days when you could snag music in the far reaches of the not-so-popular genre listings for free.  Often times you'd even find some good music in the jazz or electronic genres.  'Eh, it seems money became and issue for somebody and they sold out to C/Net.  Remember when used to be cool and let you select DOS as an OS choice to filter software by?  Why did they ever get rid of that anyway?

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I used to use SETI@Home since version 1.03 if my memory serves me correctly.  Now they went to some other client software that won't run on my 486, so fine, they won't get any of my CPU cycles.  Oh well, these crazy 'gamerz' types can crank out 700 work units in the time I could do just 1 anyway.


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Musatcha is pronounced moo-SA-cha.  I have no idea where it originated.
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