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Notice:  The API has changed after the last release of this software.  Attempts to download networks from will result in various runtime error messages.  The program still does work (as best as it ever did) when you use the 'load cached' option.  (11/26/2006)

Interested in wardriving?  Interested in mapping out where WiFi networks exist?  This software may help.  It is essentially a client program for, the largest WiFi network database in the world.  Note:  This software is still in it's alpha stages!  It's not even beta yet.  If/when it crashes on you, please post a bug report on the forum containing your system specs, OS version, what happened when it crashed, and any other info that seems relevant.  If you spot a feature that doesn't seem quite finished, please let me know about that too.

bulletClient to Kismet
bulletCan channel hop a Linksys WAP54g
bulletColor Coding of networks based on many factors
bulletPrinting capability
bulletAutomatically downloads imagery from TerraServer
bulletManages your waypoints and what not
bulletData sheet for viewing details of nets
bulletLittle magnifying window for when viewing maps
bulletBattery meter
bulletSpeech output
bulletVoice commandable
bulletExport data to NetStumbler or CSV
bulletMisc. other stuff

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Musatcha_WiFi_Mapping_Alpha.exe - v0.3.184, Updated 3-8-2005
Installation program.  Use for first install.

WiFiMapping.exe - v0.3.184, Updated 3-8-2005
Main EXE only.  Only use this if upgrading to the latest build.  Simply download it to the path in which you installed the program.  (Default is C:\Program Files\\WiFiMapping\)

Required for speech output

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Using With MySQL and Other Database Engines

Installation Notes

The Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 package may or may not be required.  If you need it, you can download it from Microsoft's website.

This program requires IE 5 or higher to be installed for proper operation.


Maps don't come with this, to save space.  If you don't already have any, here's some places to download them: DOQs (use the raster mappacks)

How to use

Ok, so assuming the program launches, you're probably thinking, now what.  Go to  Sign up for an account (don't worry, it's quick and painless)  Then go to their mappacks/maptrees section.  Find the county you want to download, download the RASTER MAP PACK, not the map trees, throw it in a folder of your choice.  Next, click on the MapPack Manager tab in the program.  Click the set button next to the cache dir.  Choose a folder of your choice. . .   this is where the coordinates of APs will be stored.  Next, click the set button for the MapPack Dir...  choose the folder you just put your maps in.  If all goes well, you should see your map you just downloaded listed.  Double click it to load.


If a county is really big, like Cook County, IL, then it'll take a while to load, due to the huge amounts of data being downloaded.  If it's really really really big, like Cook County, do a split query to ensure you get all the data, as WiGLE caps the max returned records.  (hit the ... next to the load button)

No warranties or anything on this program, it's entirely as is.  Also note, it's in it's alpha stages still, so don't expect miracles.

To use NetStumbler as the GPS source, go into the NetStumbler options, and have it use the VBscript, NS-integ.vbs, included in the folder that you installed the program.  Note, this file works with not only the mapping engine, but with DiGLE, the official win32 client as well.

If you have any problems at all, please do not hesitate to e-mail me or IM me.  The more immediate feedback I can get, the better chances are of me fixing something without a lot of rewriting.  Contact info is on the contact page.  Thanks!

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Musatcha is pronounced moo-SA-cha.  I have no idea where it originated.
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